Wednesday 24th February, 2010

CaribbeanTales and One Caribbean Media present a one-day symposium on “The Production and Global Distribution of Caribbean Film and Video” on February 24th 2010 at the Savannah Hotel, St Michael, Barbados.

Time Warner Cable of the United States, Rogers Media of Canada, are among those who will deliver feature presentations alongside contributions by Caribbean producers and film-makers. Areas to be discussed will be:

  • Are niche and ethnic channels sustainable, and what is the business model that promotes sustainability, given the challenges from online offerings and the apparently hyper-competitive marketplace in which these channels must operate?
  • What are the quality considerations that Caribbean producers must address if their work is to resonate with American audiences?
  • How can Caribbean producers effectively gain access to the US and Canadian markets?
  • How have Bollywood producers succeeded in getting global attention?
  • Do the new and emerging distribution channels offer real opportunities for Caribbean producers?
  • The Symposium will bring together producers, film-makers, broadcasters, and government officials responsible for the creative industries to address specific approaches and initiatives that could enhance production of film and video in the region and also successfully distribute these productions in the global market.  The organizers believe that the region must embrace now the imperative to seriously resource the growth and development of our creative industries and make these into sources of foreign exchange earnings and sustainable employment, while protecting and promoting Caribbean culture and its artistic expressions.

Dr. Terrence Farrell, CEO of the OCM Group said: “The development of the Audio-Visual creative industries in the region to their real potential requires a mechanism for funding producers, as well as a mechanism to facilitate global distribution of local content productions. We have to devise the mechanisms and implement them effectively and this symposium is intended to move that process along at a regional level.”

To register for the Symposium please email us at or There is a nominal registration fee of US$100 (US$25 for University students/freelance). Participants who attend the Symposium will enjoy special rates at the Savannah Hotel (1-246-243-6636).  Kindly ask to mention CaribbeanTales Symposium and Film Festival to obtain our special rates.

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OCM Group CEO Dr. Terrence Farrell



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  2. Public access production facilities, more cultural outreach activities from foreign ministries and more a accomodating programming direction
    must follow training to fully facilitate independent production and to avoid the pit fall of independent money and or corporate funding being the only vehicles through which talent can come to the fore.

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