Ras Kassa

Ras Kassa a.k.a The Guru is Jamaican filmmaker who has garnered most of his success from his directorial of mainstream TV and music videos. Ras Kassa formed his own company, The Guru Films in 2007. He is also an editor, writer, producer, cinematographer, musician and paint

To date, Kassa has directed over 100 music videos, many of which were Marley family projects– Damian Marley’s “All Night”; “Move” “Gang War Medley” and “Traffic Jam” (Stephen Marley featuring Damian Marley), Gang War Medley, The Mission. And is currently working with Stephen on Damian on a few private docu-projects.

His belief as a Rastafarian seap into his cinematic vision. He has continued to steer away from the popular belief that “greed is good” and imagery of “babes,guns and bling” are the video pre-requisite. Yet, he has continued to attract the attention of mainstream artists. In 2007 he had directed over half of the artists from the Reggae-Grammy list. For a Jamaican based director this is a a first and still pioneering role. Ras Kassa has been responsible for creating music videos for international artistes such as Willie Nelson (Harder they Come, Worried Man), Gentleman (Superior, I)

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