Share and Share Alike

Share and Share Alike 38 mins


There are few bonds stronger than the collective love and values of a West Indian family. Share & Share Alike (2008) shows this by exploring the relationships between three Antiguan brothers and the unique way in which they continue to fight for a brother who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia almost 25 years ago. The story of how these brothers come together celebrates two of the most important things in Caribbean life: family and laughter.

Share and Share Alike had its North American premiere at the 2009 Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in July. The film was also officially selected for the 2009 Bridgetown Film Festival in Barbados, and has been invited to be broadcast on Gayelle The Channel in Trinidad & Tobago after completing its festival run.

Frances-Anne Solomon, the Director of the Caribbean Tales Festival as well as Director of the highly acclaimed ‘A Winter’s Tale’, describes the film as “a sensitive, perceptive and entertaining doc. I like the way that Share and Share Alike, is about 3 (or 4) men and how they deal with their emotions, and it’s from a woman’s point of view.”   Share and Share Alike was the first Antiguan documentary to be shown at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival.

Christopher Laird, CEO of Trinidad & Tobago’s Gayelle TV and co-founder of Banyan Productions lauded the film as showing “great technical skill in difficult circumstances. Melissa’s efforts to delve beneath the skins and souls of macho Caribbean males demonstrates a sensitive touch and her rewards are hard won.”

The Bridgetown Film Festival team dubbed Share and Share Alike as being “an intimate look at one Caribbean family and the view, despite the family issues present, is beautiful.”

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