Maria Govan

MARIA GOVAN (Writer/Director/Producer) As a woman of Greek, Scottish and Bahamian descent, Maria’s creative voice is deeply rooted in a dialogue with her home, the Bahamas. Her first film, Junkanoo: The Heartbeat of a People, celebrates the spiritual and creative life force of Bahamian culture by exploring the African rooted festival-tradition of Junkanoo. Her subsequent work is an intimate look at the somewhat shattered lives of three Bahamians living with HIV. That film, Where I’m From: HIV and AIDS in the Bahamas, was an official selection at the Bahamas International Film Festival where it received wide support from both the local audience and visiting filmmakers alike. Rain is Maria’s debut narrative feature film.



View an interview with Maria Govan

More about “Rain”



  1. I just saw RAIN at Reel Talk Cinema in Toronto this morning,and it is a beautiful film and I can`t understand why it doesn`t have a distributor and how I missed it at TIFF.
    Has Opray seen it? I feel sure she would want to do what needs to be done to get this film seen.
    It is a gem.

  2. […] Maria Govan […]

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