Karen Williams

Karen Williams is a US-based producer, writer, actor and youth advocate raised in Jamaica, West Indies and Toronto, Canada. Karen produced the documentary films Bring Your “A” Game (BET, Sept 2009) and Fair Game? (TV-One, Jan, 2010); she was Consulting Producer for Against the Odds (NPR, 2009); Associate Producer for Hard Luck (Columbia Pictures); Story
Consultant for Life and Debt (New Yorker Films); and assistant to the producer and director of Boomerang (Paramount Pictures) and Bebe’s Kids (Tri-Star Pictures). Karen’s acting credits include recurring roles on Homicide: Life On the Streets, Guiding Light, All My Children, and The Cosby Show.

Karen has produced dramatic works derived from collaborative, improvisational workshops with professional and non-professional actors, writers, ex-inmates and at-risk youth at several New York City-based organizations including the Oscar-nominated group IMPACT, City Kids, Legal Outreach, and Friends of Island Academy.

Karen is president of No Child Is Somebody Else’s Child, Inc. a New York City-based not-for–profit company that produces arts-based initiatives for low-income children and youth.

More about the Screen reading workshop “From Page to Screen”


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