Geoffrey Dunn

Geoffrey Dunn has produced and directed more than a dozen documentary films, three of which have qualified for Academy Award nominations—Miss or Myth?, Mi Vida, and Dollar a Day, Ten Cents a Dance—with the latter receiving special recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. His films have shown at the most prestigious film festivals around the world, including those at Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, Los Angeles (Filmex), London, Chicago, Mill Valley, Venice, New York and Montreal. They have been distributed internationally in theaters and broadcast over Bravo, PBS, and the BBC. He also wrote the screenplay for the feature film Maddalena Z. Dunn is also an award-winning poet, journalist and historian.

A Rhodes Scholar nominee, Dunn was the recipient of a John L. Senior Fellowship at Cornell University and holds a Ph.D. in sociology. Dunn has written extensively on calypso music and Caribbean culture for the Trinidad Express, the Trinidad Guardian, Stabroek News, and the Caribbean Review of Books. He is the author of the award-winning book, Santa Cruz Is in the Heart, and served as editor and principal author for Chinatown Dreams: The Life and Photographs of George Lee, which was the recipient of an East-West Book Award. Dunn recently received a prestigious Gail Rich Award for his contributions to the arts and culture in Northern California.

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