Rommel Hall

Rommel Hall was born on September 14th 1979.  From childhood he had an affinity for reading and telling stories. While at The University of the West Indies (Cave Hill), these skills were honed when he was appointed Drama Coordinator of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

In 2003 he founded the performing arts company Jesus Army Productions. Through Jesus Army Productions he has been given the opportunity to write, produce and direct many award winning skits and stage plays including “The Must Have Trade Expo”, “Bad Friday” and “Trapped in an Elevator”, the latter receiving a  silver award and being selected as the “Best Directed Piece” at the 2007 National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA).

After these on-stage successes the next step was film and so in November 2008 under his directorship, Jesus Army Productions released two DVDs containing several short films. Three of these short films were shown at the Bridgetown Film Festival in June. One of them “Trapped in an Elevator: the Video” has won several awards including “Best Overall Film” at the Kingdom Arts Film Festival as well as a silver award at NIFCA 2009.

In 2009 he launched his own media production business: Hall-E-wood Productions.

He has been married to Keren Hall since August 2004.

Read more about “Trapped in an Elevator”



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