Patricia Mohammed

An early award that changed the course of Professor Patricia Mohammed’s career was that of a Commonwealth Secretariat Fellowship in 1984 to work at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex with Professor Kate Young as Co-Director of an international women and development study course. In 1989 Professor Mohammed was funded by the Netherlands Government through the Women and Development Studies Project of the UWI on a scholarship that facilitated her PhD at the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands and allowed the time to develop theoretical strengths and incorporate the discipline of history into her research portfolio.

In 2001 the Third World Association of Students at Brown University, Rhode Island recognised Professor Mohammed as Caribbean Advocate of that year signalling that her work reached out to the youthful diasporic Caribbean population. The recognition of her peers at The University of the West Indies with the title of full Professor in 2005 marks a major achievement in the life of a scholar.

A Visiting Professorship at State University of New York at Albany (2007) was valuable for teaching and seeing the Caribbean again from a US-based perspective and thus lent new research insights into the study of Caribbean iconography in art, photography and increasingly film. The breakthrough that Professor Mohammed considers most valuable to date is the incorporation of a visual lens onto an existing textually based one in examining the subject of culture and identity.

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